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Caring for your new hair - Dayton Hair Replacement

Caring for your new hair

Caring for hair weaves for men

Easy. Wash your hair as you always have, just be sure to use a gentle shampoo and condition often.

Caring for hair extensions

Also easy, but here are a few tips to keep your lovely lengths luscious.

1. Brush, brush…with the right brush

Use a soft bristle brush or a professional Looper brush so you can detangle without damage. Be patient, starting at the bottom and then working your way up. And remember to be gentle, pulling or tugging too hard may case breakage, serious damage and may result in a clump of extensions in your brush vs on your head.

2. Shampooing

Again, being gentle is key. Make sure your hair is free of tangles before you hop in the shower. Use a mild shampoo and let gravity and water pressure keep your extensions from tangling. If necessary, keep a wide-tooth comb nearby to free up tangles or knots.

3. Condition the ends

Use a super-nourishing conditioner but only past the point of extension connection. Too much conditioner on the glue/crimp points may encourage the extensions to slip off. A spray-in conditioner on towel-dried hair will help with any tangles.

4. Let your hair dry naturally….at least for a bit

Excessive heat on extensions may cause them to dry out, lose their lustre and break more easily. Allow extra time in your morning routine for some air-dry time.

5. Easy on the blow dry

Be sure not to apply excessive heat to the extension bonding points and you’ll reduce shedding, breakage and sticky bonds.

6. Braid your hair before going to bed

Oh what a tangled mess we weave…especially if your gorgeous locks are left to fend for themselves overnight.  Try a high pony when working out and that will keep your hair smooth while providing a little extra volume when you take it down.

7. Wear a swim cap

Chlorine and salt water are not your friend when it comes to keeping your extensions healthy. Cover up and protect your hair — or find something else to do at the gym.

8. Gentle, gentle

Your extensions — and your natural hair — will last longer, be healthier and look better if you can avoid harsh pulling and tight buns.

9. Hot sun makes a hot mess

Hot-bonded extensions can turn into a sticky mess if you spend too much time in the hot sun.  Wear a hat or sit under an umbrella if you’re on beach time. Your skin will thank you, too!

10. Avoid alcohol-based potions

Check out the ingredient list on your favorite products and ditch the ones with alcohol as they can dry out extensions and weekend the bonds.

11. Schedule regular appointments

Depending on how fast your natural hair grows, plan to visit us every 5-7 weeks. We can detangle any problems, refit specific areas and keep your hair looking its best!